Master's Thesis

The third semester is mainly devoted to writing your thesis. Whereas there will be the option to be supported by the professors from HTW, you also have the chance to write your thesis in cooperation with a company. This shall give you the opportunity to comprehensively apply your knowledge by intensively dealing with relevant/specific questions that are linking industry with academia.


  • Requirements to start writing master thesis: max. one module of Pro ITD curriculum unfinished.
  • 15 weeks to write (in Winter or Summer semester).
  • Master thesis colloquium is the final exam (exmatriculation afterwards).


If you want to extend your studies and write your thesis in the fourth semester, you do not have to pay tuition fee for the fourth semester (only the semester fee). However, if you are studying/writing your master's thesis in the fifth semester or later, you will have to pay a reduced tuition fee of 1,500 € and a semester fee for each additional semester.