Health Insurance

There are a few completing steps to enrol to the Pro ITD programme, if you have not taken care of these yet. One is to send signed acceptance documents and original documents as stated in your contract to HTW Berlin Student Services and second is to present a proof of health insurance.

All students must provide proof of health insurance coverage when enrolling at the university. The proof is always a confirmation from a local German insurance provider. Every student up to the age of 30 is eligible to obtain health insurance coverage from a public health insurance provider in Germany at a special student fee. The state‐regulated health insurance coverage for students at any public health insurance company costs about 110€ per month. Students over 30 years of age are not eligible for the public student insurance and must take a private insurance. While prices may vary, you may opt for a private health insurance fund which is most affordable for you. Please follow the below links for the most popular public health Insurance options:

If you are 30+ choose a private provider:

For students from EU/EEA/Swiss/Turkish or without a valid EHIC please check out individual health insurance requirements.

Note that in no case, foreign or travel insurances are accepted for enrolment purposes.