Organise your finances

Blocked account

Most embassies will ask you to open a blocked account as proof of you being able to finance your studies. You would need 10,332 € (please double check with your local embassy the correct amount since it can vary depending on your home country) for this account in order to be granted the visa. Other documents such as passport and study confirmation will also be necessary. This type of account is to our knowledge only provided by Deutsche Bank or Fintiba:

If you are required to have a Student Visa, please make sure to contact both the German Embassy and the blocked account provider in your country to make sure that the blocked account is open and with sufficient funds before you arrive in Germany. You will need to present the confirmation of your blocked account when applying for your residence permit in Berlin (extension of the Student Visa).

Should you need any documents for your visa application other than the admission letter and study contract you already received, the Pro ITD programme management will assist you and provide the necessary documents from HTW Berlin. Please feel free to contact us should there be any doubt.

Tuition instalments

The full tuition fees are 14,250€.

Tuition can be paid in three instalments, one per semester, during enrolment and re-registration. One instalment equals 4,750€.

Living costs

In addition to the study related fees, students need approximately 900-1,200€ per month to cover living expenses. 
Monthly Expenses:

Accommodation 400-500€

Food and miscellaneous 400€

Health insurance 106€

Total 900-1,200€

Take care of your financial plan!