Room or apartment

We recommend you search for accommodation in advance, ideally as soon as you receive your study place.

The 'StudierendenWERK Berlin', a public student services provider in Berlin, offers a variety of dorms within Berlin. In addition, there is a number of other housing options which you can explore to find the best suitable place for yourself. On the following pages, you will find information on the various accommodation options, the registration & application processes. You may have to use a web translator if you do not understand German.

Student dormitories

In the student dormitories you can either live in a private apartment or share with others.

Browse on the StudierendenWERK website to find information about the various student residences offered by them. It is one of the cheapest accommodation options in the city. You are allowed to mention your top three dormitory preferences in application out of which you will be allocated one given the availability.

Shared accommodation

Many students prefer to live in shared apartments or what in Germany is known as a WG (short for 'Wohngemeinschaft'). Note that even when there are a lot of websites where you can search for a WG, competition is fierce. Therefore, keep in mind that you may need to send several applications and would need to pass through several filters before being invited for an interview.
You can search for shared accommodation WG portals.

Most popular websites for finding WGs:

Please pay attention to consider legitimate offers only! Always view the property before signing a tenancy agreement and transfer the deposit amount only after signing the tenancy agreement or establishing personal contact with the landlord. There are many other useful advice to avoid fraud in the following link.

Furnished apartments

Student apartments:

Furnished apartments:

Own apartments

The best ways to find an apartment are:

Student Hostels

Not found the accommodation? Staying in a hostel or in an affordable hotel are two options to keep into consideration. You can always continue searching for a flat after your arrival. Please use the following links to search and book a hostel /hotel room:

Some other tips you can also find here.