Cloud Computing

After successful completion of this module:

  • You are familiar with the theoretical basics of central data management such as synchronisation, transactions.
  • You know fundamental concepts and technologies for the operation of virtualised data centers, in particular system virtualisation (virtual machines) and virtualisation at the operating system level (containerisation).
  • You are familiar with current methods and technologies for managing distributed virtual resources and how distributed cloud resources can be used for scalable applications.
  • You know the user perspective on cloud computing and are able to explain how cloud infrastructure can be used to develop scalable and fault-tolerant applications.
  • You are familiar with the most important commercial cloud applications (e.g. Amazon, Google, Apple) as well as essential alternative platforms (Own-Clouds) and are familiar with the most important advantages and disadvantages.
  • You are familiar with the perspective of a cloud provider as well as the perspective of the users of a cloud-based infrastructure.
  • You are able to explain the legal basics of cloud-based applications and have an overview of the current state of public discussion on cloud computing.